Do you need a personal trainer?

As I’m out in the world meeting people and doing stuff I get asked the same questions by a lot of people. The question I get asked more then most is “do you think I need a personal trainer?”.

First off, YES! Everyone needs a personal trainer. I’ll explain why...

I then have to ask a two questions:

  1. What are your fitness goals?

This usually comes with the universal answer “be healthier and get stronger” or “lose weight”. These answers are too general and could be answered generally. Oh, you want to lose weight? Eat less calories! Oh, you want to be stronger? Lift more weights!

I encourage people to have a more specific goal. Such as, run a marathon, learn Olympic lifting, have a six pack, learn how to lift weights properly, lose 10lb of fat, learn to box, etc.

Once they have a specific goal...

  1. what are you doing now to get to those goals?

Once a trainer understands what your end goal is and what you are doing now it’s easy for a personal trainer to program your personal progressive program.

     But aside from the technical programming and education a trainer provides, there are two other benefits that are as important. Motivation and accountability! These two elements of personal training are just as important for a client/athlete.

     So if you are interested in working with a personal trainer don’t be afraid to try a few out before making a decision. You will be creating a working relationship so it’s important to get along. From a technical point, for example, you want to focus on increasing flexibility, look for a trainer with a yoga background. If you want to increase muscle mass and strength find a trainer with a weight lifting/ body building back ground.

     A personal trainer or coach can help any person no matter what level they are on improve. Through technical education of movement, motivation and accountability. When looking for a trainer have a specific goal, this will help your search and selection.

Happy training and stay healthy!