Shoulder Rehabilitation


About 3 months ago I stupidly acquired a level 2 strain in my right shoulder. A level 2 strain is very painful but fortunately doesn't require surgery as the tendon is still attached to the bone. I was working a lot, training a lot and not getting enough rest and recovery time.

While sparring I clinched with my opponent and he over hooked my right arm, stepped backwards and jerked down to get me off balance. As he jerked I heard a small “pop” in my upper back under the shoulder blade.

I thought “going to feel that tomorrow” but in the moment didn’t experience any pain as my muscles were so hot from training.

As I woke the next morning I realized there was something very wrong. My entire shoulder and right side of my neck were frozen in stiffness and pain with an intense stabbing pain under the right shoulder blade (where I heard the pop the night before) that radiated to my upper chest, just under the clavicle.

“What a party!” I thought.

After seeing a doctor it was diagnosed as a level 2 strain since I still had full range of motion in the joint, with a lot of pain however.

The doctor suggested 4 to 6 weeks of rest and then 4 to 6 weeks of rehabilitation work.

You will need a light resistance band to preform these exercises. Do multiple repetitions for each exercise (10 to 20reps) 1 to 3 sets per day. Focus on external rotation and shoulder flexion. These movements will keep your shoulders strong and injury free.