Onnit Kettlebell Certification

I recently attended the kettlebell certification at the Onnit gym in Austin Texas last weekend. it was a great time cleaning up all the KB movements. I picked up some new queuing techniques and absorbed some excellent analogies to help people understand more complex movements.

I found that Onnit’s philosophy of longevity to perform resonates with me. Stressing functionality and consistency to advance. Also not pushing ppl past their limitations for some short term gains is a safe and practical way to maintain a healthy body while moving toward total human Optimization.

I found the 360 degree breathing technique beneficial for oxygen intake. The idea behind it is to think of your lungs as sphere that expands outward in all directions as you inhale. so not only does your chest and stomach expand but into your back as well. Consciously push your lungs toward your spine and back of your ribs during inhalation. as you exhale draw your stomach in and up behind your sternum to fully contract your abdomen. perform this several times before or after your warm-up.

I was really surprised by how good and awake I felt after doing this. A maximal intake of oxygen is really good for you apparently. Most surprisingly some low intensity chronic pain I had in my mid-lower back for several months, regardless of stretching, foam rolling and chiropractic work, went away instantly. The muscles just needed some inward to outward pressure to release. I was impressed.

all in all It was a great experience from the Cert, the instructors to the staff and facility. the experience reinforced the need to break away from your weekly/monthly routine and take on another roll. Student of life and experiences.